HEATLR™ in REDdy To Quit
HEATLR™ in REDdy To Quit
HEATLR™ in REDdy To Quit
HEATLR™ in REDdy To Quit
HEATLR™ in REDdy To Quit

HEATLR™ in REDdy To Quit

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heatlr.™ Tumbler is your new drinking buddy that can store both of your hottest coffee fix and coldest beer escapes for a leak-proof life and a spill-free experience.

One HEATLR™ Tumbler =  One gallon of clean drinking water to a family in need


WHY heatlr.™ IS COOL and not cheap like your ex (Benefits)

1. Free customizable leatherette hugger (holder) -
- to let the whole world know it's yours

2. Available in 4 different stress-level indicators (colors) to tell the world that you don't have time for more non-sense -
a. SKY-is-the-limit: 25% Stress Level
b. Hush BROWN: 75% Stress Level
c. BLACKout: 100% Stress Level
d. REDdy to Quit: 50% Stress Level

3. Drink All You Can -
Double-layered borosilicate glass does not react to chemicals thus cancelling any taste or smell alteration making it naturally eco-friendly, BPA free, lead free, & toxins resistant.

4. Tea For Me -
Removable tea filter for your detox and relaxation

5. From -20 to +120 Degree Celsius Real Quick -
It is thermal resistance that can withstand both hot and cold temperatures, and mood swings.



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- P500 OFF in every purchase you make today

Drink healthy, be stress-free! Cheers!